Cairn Homes plc

Michael Stanley co-founded Cairn Homes plc and was appointed Chief Executive Officer prior to the IPO in June 2015. Michael has a strong pedigree in residential development and the broader property industry. He was previously Chief Executive Officer of Stanley Holdings following its demerger from Shannon Homes. The Stanley family founded Shannon Homes in 1970, and the company was one of Ireland’s largest homebuilders in the 1990s and 2000s. Michael restarted his homebuilding operation in 2014 following the economic downturn in Ireland, and with his business partner Alan McIntosh, this provided the operational platform for Cairn Homes plc. Michael also has extensive experience in the packaging, energy, agritech and healthcare sectors and was an original shareholder and former Non-Executive Director (2011 to 2016) of Oneview Healthcare, which completed a successful IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange in March 2016.