General Information

General Information

Registration and Information Desk 

At the Conference Centre Hotel, a Conference Registration and Information Desk will be provided. At the Desk will be information on Restaurants, Theatres, Shopping etc. The staff at the desk will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Name Badges

The name badge is the admission ticket to Conference events, both Business and Social. Ensure you wear it at all times when you are attending. Although we stress the need to wear the name badge for Conference events, for personal security we advise you not to wear your badge when outside your hotel at other than Conference functions.

Meals and Refreshments

Delegates have lunch provided on all Conference days. If anyone wishes to have lunch with the delegates a limited number of extra places may be available at a cost to be confirmed. These tickets must be purchased 24 hours in advance from the Conference Desk. Please refer to the Registrations Page for more details in this regard.

All will appreciate that providing a great many breakfasts at the same time can cause a strain on any hotel, especially so if these are to be delivered to the bedrooms. The Hotel group give excellent service, but allowance must be made if some delays are experienced.

Credit Cards, Money and Banking

All major credit and debit cards are accepted by Irish shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Ireland’s currency is the Euro. There are 100 cents in one Euro. Rates of Exchange fluctuate and for the major Delegations we quote the rate at the time of going to print:

1 Euro equals

Australian Dollars        1.62
Canadian Dollars         1.47
Japanese Yen              120.58
Pounds Sterling            0.84
US Dollars                     1.11

Most banks are open from 10am to 4pm Monday – Friday and are closed Saturday and Sunday.


Do give a thought to security. Dublin is a very friendly and peaceful city but as in all cities worldwide you should exercise care. Tourists are obviously more at risk than locals. Keep valuables including extra cash and surplus credit/debit cards in your hotel safe. Be cautious using mobile phones or cameras and beware of pickpockets and others of that type.


A tip of 10% is normal for taxi service and restaurants with up to 12.5% in the better restaurants or if the service is very good. When you see service charge listed on a restaurant bill, this does not necessarily mean the money goes to those who serve you. You will find VAT (Value Added Tax) shown on the bill – this is a Government tax and is not a service charge.

Electrical Appliances

The electric current for utility appliance, laptops, mobile phones, etc. is 220 volts AC supplied by the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) and the plug / socket is a rectangular three-pin arrangement.


The Conference Committee and the Conference organizers have indicated that they will not be responsible for insurance of Delegates or Accompanying Persons. It has been recommended that participants take out their own insurance cover all eventualities and it assumed that advice has been acted on.

Transport for the Conference

Coaches are provided for the programmed Conference Events. Coaches must leave Hotels punctually, so do ensure you are on time. If you are late you will miss the coach and will have to take a taxi at your own expense. The hotel receptionist can call you a taxi if there are none outside. After the Gala Ball it is simply not possible to arrange a coach so Delegates and APs will have to take their own taxi to get to other hotels. A coach timetable will be displayed in all hotels. Announcements will be made during the Conference.

Car Parking

Car parking is available at all the hotels, but we regret no special arrangements can be made for Conference Delegates and Accompanying Persons. Do not leave items on display in a parked car.


Ireland has laws to forbid smoking in all public places. There will be a NO SMOKING rule at all Business Sessions, on the coaches and at Social Functions.

Special Requirements

If any Delegate or Accompanying Person has a special diet requirement or needs any help because of disability, please make your wishes known to hotel staff and Conference staff.


There are two main shopping areas in downtown Dublin, Grafton Street is a pedestrianized street that runs from St Stephens Green to the front of Trinity College and on Grafton Street and the streets around you will find excellent shopping.

There are shopping centers which are very convenient should there be rain. At the top of Grafton Street is the Stephens Green Shopping Complex, halfway down Grafton Street into the left is imaginative Powerscourt Centre, a wonderful example of what can be created from a magnificent townhouse and its stable yard.

Another shopping is Dundrum Town Centre which is accessed by LUAS (tram) to Ballally Stop and has many designer shops.

For the main antique shops area, you will have to go to Francis Street but Irish souvenirs of good quality can be found on Nassau Street just around the corner from Grafton Street along the side of Trinity College.

Theaters, Concerts and Entertainment

Dublin has many fine theatres. It is vital to pre-book and some of the most popular shows are likely to be fully booked. It is best to do your own booking by telephone or online. Ireland’s National Concert Hall is just beside St Stephens Green and information regarding concerts is available on-line.

Tuesday night is when most people may be free. Check with your hotel reception for ideas. Irish cinemas show all the latest international movies.

Restaurants and Pubs

It is possible to eat very well in Dublin as the city has excellent restaurants of all types and at various price levels. You will find information in a booklet in your Conference Pack. It is available to pre-book any restaurant and even the hotel dining room and restaurant. Even as a guest in the hotel, you are not guaranteed a table unless pre-booked. You will find good pubs very crowded; they are popular because they are good. Pay for your round of drinks as it is served to you, the tab system is not used here. Pub opening hours are 10.30 am to 11.30 / midnight during the week, weekend opening hours are until 12.30.

Please click on the following links for more information on a variety of restaurants and pubs around the city of Dublin.

Places of Worship

There are places of worship for all religions in Dublin and you should ask the Hotel reception for information.

Transport in Dublin

The city has all the normal surface transport facilities – there is no underground railway. The Airport is approx. 10km from the city Centre – allow at least 1 hour to get there. Most taxis use ranks so your hotel receptionist/porter will get one for you if none are available in the rank.

You should ask the driver, prior to the journey starting, to give an idea of the fare.

It is best to consult the Hotel Receptionist to get information on bus schedules, DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) and LUAS (the tram service). There is no light rail service to/from the Airport at this time.