Conference Overview

Conference Overview

HomeBond is the proud host of the IHHWC in Dublin 2020, partnering with the International Housing and Home Warranty Association (IHHWA) and the International Housing Association (IHA) to bring even more housing expertise to the event. IHHWA & IHA members include representatives of warranty & insurance providers and house building industry organizations from around the world. The IHHWC provides a forum to:

  • Establish contact and build international relationships.
  • Exchange information, knowledge and best practices.
  • Explore significant priority areas and solutions.
  • Collaborate with experts and decision makers.
  • Share market and business intelligence.
  • Convene leadership meetings of the IHHWA and IHA.

Since 1978 the IHHWC has taken place in key international locations (2017 Tokyo, 2014 Vancouver, 2011 Cape Town……) and this premiere conference in Dublin 2020 will bring together hundreds of industry experts, government officials, construction professionals and decision-makers from around the world, to address common global warranty & housing concerns.

Because these Conferences move around the world to a new host nation every three years, it does make it more difficult to establish the continuity of organization that one achieves in an annual event, run by marginally the same people year after year. The organizations do have the advantage however of experience gained from the previous Conference attended and do rely on reusing formulae that have worked well for others. Then obviously each organizer hopes to add a special dimension of his own.

Expected attendance is indicated on the following illustration:

Attendance Certificates will be provided to attendees who have put in a request on the Contact Page of the Conference website prior to the commencement of the Conference