Important Notice: 01 June 2020 – In consideration of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the significant economic fallout in the construction sector and many business sectors that is occurring in Ireland and across the world, together with the Irish Government enforced social distancing measures and quarantine requirements on foreign visitors arriving into Ireland from overseas that will inevitably continue for many months to come, it is not practicable to proceed with the Conference in September 2020 nor is it realistic that a re-scheduled date can be planned at his stage. We are grateful for your interest in the Conference and if you send us your contact details by filling out the form we will notify you in due course when a decision on an alternative date is confirmed.

HomeBond is the proud host of the International Housing and Home Warranty Conference (IHHWC) in Dublin 2020, partnering with the International Housing and Home Warranty Association (IHHWA), the International Housing Association (IHA) and Technological University (TU) Dublin.


IHHWA and IHA members include representatives of warranty and insurance providers and house building industry organizations from around the world who have a common goal to promote building standards, consumer protection and address common issues related to housing and home building at national and international level.

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25+ Countries

25+ Sessions

400+ Delegates

50+ Speakers